Wednesday, October 1, 2008

For my presentation I will make a video about different kind of lifts and how to do the lifts correctly. The video will be more than 20 minutes of me demonstrating lifts and me talking about how to lift and what things to take when you lift. Then I will talk about a little history about weight lifting and how it started and stuff. I will also talk about what protein does when you take protein drinks and how it benefits you. I will talk about how athletes go through fatigues where they aren’t gaining or losing anything they are just maintaining. And how weightlifting is very good for your health and that everybody should at least do some kind of lifting to just improve their overall living, because you feel so much better when you lift. You get so much energy, you not as tired there is just a lot when you lift that you can benefit from. You actually will live longer then someone who doesn’t lift at all. The presentation will have a video and me talking about the video and facts about weightlifting and people’s health in general and how everybody could benefit from working out of any type.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Would you ever want to be as big as the guy on my page?